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exe Download: ()Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, June 8, 2013 Monday Jun 7, 2013 at 12:01 AM What next? If we want real reform of the Florida Legislature, it needs to start with the new Senate leadership. It is telling that the first bill to go through the Senate Judiciary Committee was Senate Bill 784 by Senator Tom Lee. The bill would have allowed Senate leaders to abolish state universities and universities of Florida. We all recognize the need to get a conservative bent in the Senate, and to make sure that leadership respects the Legislature and the Constitution. I hope we have the courage to push the leadership to do that. C.G. Brown, Sarasota What's the future? I was pleased to see my name in the June 4 "Unscheduled News." It is not often the public has a chance to read what is going on inside the Florida Legislature, especially on a day when there is no major news. I am proud to represent a district that is not only home to the state Capitol but also to the University of Florida, the Florida A&M University, and Florida State University. Our district has all four of the state's major universities. In the 17 years I have served, I have worked to protect the universities from state budget cuts while protecting the taxpayers' interest. I supported legislation that would have "bailed out" the universities by using public money to restore budget cuts made by the previous legislature. I am proud of my efforts to support the three state universities and the university system. Yvonne Scott, Sarasota Don't forget about Van Pelt In response to the article in the "Sarasota Herald-Tribune" (June 4), "Sarasota doctor set to run for state House," is the Van Pelt family a better candidate than U.S. Rep. John Mica, who did not put up a campaign fund because he is barred from running for a second term? R.H. Van Pelt is a fine physician who put family first and is running for the U.S. Senate. John Mica didn't take a lot of help from anyone. Former Senate President John McKay is a powerful force and supported Mica, a good friend of the military who just wanted to help the country. McKay will never forget Mica's kindness to soldiers and their




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